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Buying in France

Our services supporting home buyers in France :

  • Assesing which part of France is the one for you
  • Assisted search to uncover the perfect one
  • How to negotiate the best price
  • Education around the french market, its rules, the pitfalls


Assesing which part of France is the one for you

France is a large and diverse country with various climate, landscape and lifestyles. While some major areas are well know outside of France, there is so much more to discover !

Our bilingual Butlers (Majordome in french) can help you assesing which part of France is made for you, they can travel with you to help you discover the best places and best kept secrets, assess the local real-estate markets to fine tune your search criterias and identify the perfect spot, the one for you !

The first consultation is free of charge ! Use the contact form bellow to start the process.



Assisted search

Assisted search is a property screening service that saves you time and help you group visits during a short period of time.

Based on your criterias, we will search and filter the offers on the market for you, then when you are ready to come and visit, we will organise appointments and assist you when needed through the process.

Lets discuss how our Butlers (Majordome in french) can help you.The first consultation is free of charge.



Learn to negotiate the French way

You have found the one, the french house of your dreams, but it is a little too expensive?

In France it is very common to negotiate down a property pricing. It is important to know how to go about it if you want to get the best possible price. This can save you several thousand euros!

Majordome is at your service to teach you the tricks of negotiation. We will support you with a negociation dossier that you will be able to use in front of the seller.

You are not comfortable doing the negotiation in French ? No worries, we can assist you for this as well.



Understanding the French Market

You are not a French native and you are interested in investing in France?

Investing in another country is always challenging and requires learning the local legislation, the do's and don'ts, how to get the most for your dollars and how to ensure you dream doesn’t become a nightmare!

Majordome is here for you, our real estate consulting services have been created for you, to help you and support you through your project. Our experts are here to guide you and ensure you are realising your dream.



Fast-track your dream


We organise a first non-binding meeting to discuss your project and present our services to you. This first meeting is done by videoconferencing and is free of charge. Use the form below to start the process.


Let's start your project together !